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Summer League Fixtures


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Summer League Fixtures:
(First named fixtures are 7:00-8:30 - Second named fixtures are 8:30-10:00)

Tues 29th Apr



Wed 30th Apr



Tues 6th May



Wed 7th May



Tues 13th May



Wed 14th May



Tues 20th May



Wed 21st May



Tues 27th May



Wed 28th May



Tues 3rd June



Wed 4th June



Tues 10th June



Wed 11th June



Tues 17th June



Wed 18th June



Tues 24th June



Wed 25th June



Tues 1st July



Wed 2nd July



Tues 8th July



Wed 9th July



Tues 15th July


Marton Furness 'vs' Wilton         -         (Won 2-0)

Billingham 'vs' Nortonians


Sunderland 'vs' Durham City

Stockton 'vs Caledonians


Norton 'vs' Richmond

Durham City 'vs' Marton Furness


Caledonians 'vs' Nortonians

Wilton 'vs' Stockton         -         (Drew 2-2)


Norton 'vs' Marton Furness

Richmond 'vs' Billingham


Stockton 'vs' Durham City

Sunderland 'vs' Nortonians


Caledonians 'vs' Norton

Richmond 'vs' Wilton


Billingham 'vs' Stockton

Nortonians 'vs Marton Furness


Norton 'vs' Sunderland

Wilton 'vs' Durham City


Marton Furness 'vs' Billingham

Nortonians 'vs' Richmond


Sunderland 'vs' Billingham

Stockton 'vs' Norton


Wilton 'vs' Caledonians

Durham City 'vs' Nortonians


Richmond 'vs' Sunderland

Billingham 'vs' Wilton


Durham City 'vs' Caledonians

Nortonians 'vs' Norton


Marton Furness 'vs' Stockton

Caledonians 'vs' Billingham


Norton 'vs' Durham City

Wilton 'vs' Sunderland


Richmond 'vs' Stockton

Caledonians 'vs' Sunderland


Durham City 'vs' Billingham

Nortonians 'vs' Wilton


Richmond 'vs' Durham City

Marton Furness 'vs' Caledonians


Stockton 'vs' Sunderland

Billingham 'vs' Norton


Stockton 'vs' Nortonians

Wilton 'vs' Norton



Sunderland 'vs' Marton Furness

Caledonians 'vs' Richmond


Marton Furness 'vs' Richmond